Electronic Health Record Research and Pragmatic Trials

A full list of our ongoing projects in this area can be found HERE

At KHRC, we believe in the potential for the Electronic Health Record (EHR) to facilitate certain specific research questions. We are pioneering two pragmatic trials using the electronic health record to deliver interventions. A study to test the effectiveness of CKD screening to lower BP among persons with hypertension is ongoing at the San Francisco VA Medical Center. Supported by VISTA/CPRS electronic health record system, this study is comparing usual care to strategies that test for kidney disease and intensify treatment for persons with newly detected kidney disease.

In another pilot pragmatic randomized trial, based at the UCSF Medical Center, we are developing an electronic decision support system to improve the care of persons with established kidney disease in primary care. We are comparing this automated decision support to usual care. Funded by the UCSF CTSI and by NIDDK this project is aimed at supporting the role of the primary care physicians in the care of persons with kidney disease.