Training Philosophy

Supporting creative, energetic young investigators is at the core of our mission. At KHRC, we believe in fully integrating investigations and education, made possible by our use of mentoring teams and pooled resources to support the investigators of the future. This model maximizes creative potential and provides trainees with the supportive environment required to be productive members of the research team.

To learn more about our philosophy on mentoring, you can watch a TED talk given by Dr. Carmen Peralta on the subject here.

In less than 10 years, this training model has produced 4 academic faculty members 6 K awards, 8 NIH R-level funded investigations, 3 major foundation awards (2 AHA awardees and 1 RWJ awardee), and more than 300 manuscripts.

Each member of our team is committed to continuing this model across their institutions for the common goal of improving kidney health worldwide.