The Critical Role of Academic Kidney Research

At KHRC, we believe that academic kidney research is a critical part of the solution to the growing burden of kidney disease. A more in depth and complete understanding of the determinants of kidney health will lead to innovative approaches to reduce morbidity and mortality from kidney disease. Our current kidney research projects look at identifying the most effective models for testing and treatment and integrated care delivery to reduce the burden of kidney disease across the spectrum. Kidney research can catalyze the reduction in race disparities in kidney disease by improving our understanding of the myriad factors that underlie these persistent differences, and the most cost-effective strategies for early kidney disease detection and prevention.

We believe that a collaborative research environment can accelerate the implementation of new discoveries into clinical practice to improve lives of persons with kidney disease. We work closely with leading investigators in basic science, laboratory and chemical sciences, genetics, nephrology, vascular physiology, epidemiology, biostatistics, implementation scientists and population health. Our overall goal in kidney research is to accelerate the advance toward cutting-edge discovery, and to rapidly disseminate and implement novel methods that will decrease the burden of kidney disease.