Our Partners

At KHRC, we take pride in our strong national and international collaborations.

KHRC members and collaborators at the 2023 ASN Kidney Week Conference (Philadelphia, PA)



University of Alabama, Birmingham

Orlando M. Gutierrez, MD

Associate Professor

Suzanne E. Judd,PhD

Associate Professor



Karam Salama

Senior Medical Science Liaison

Gilead Sciences

Uptal Patel, MD

Senior Director, Inflammation & Respiratory Therapeutics

Stanford University

Michelle Odden, PhD

Associate Professor of Epidemiology in the Department of Health Research and Policy

University of California, Davis

Simon B. Ascher, MD, MPH

Assistant Professor and Hospitalist

University of California, Davis

Joachim Ix, MD, MAS, FASN

Chief, Division of Nephrology; Professor of Medicine

Dena Rifkin MD, MS

Associate Adjunct Professor, Family Medicine and Public Health


University of Colorado

Michel Chonchol, MD

Professor, Medicine-renal Med Diseases & Hypertension


Loyola Medicine

Holly Kramer MD, MPH

Associate Professor; Nephrology; Public Health Sciences


Northwestern Medicine

Frank Palella, MD

Potocsnak Family C.S.C. Research Professorship

Professor in Medicine-Infectious Diseases

Sanjiv Shah MD

Professor of Medicine, Cardiology


Chirag Parikh, MD, PhD FACP

Professor of Medicine, Chief of Nephrology, Johns Hopkins University 


Heather Thiessen Philbrook, MMath

Biostatistician, Nephrology division of the School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University 


Boston University

Sushrut Waikar MD,MPH

Chief of Nephrology 

Tufts University School of Medicine

Andrew Levey, MD

Chief, Division of Nephrology; Professor

Lesley A. Inker, MD, MS

Director, Quality Improvement; Associate professor

Mark J. Sarnak, MD, MS

Director of Research; Associate Director, Research Training Program; Professor


University of Minnesota

David Jacobs, PhD

Professor, Epidemiology & Community Health

Anthony Killeen MD, PhD

Professor, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology

Jesse Seegmiller PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology

New York

Mount Sinai

Steven G Coca​, DO

Associate Professor, Nephrology

North Carolina

Duke University

Uptal D. Patel, MD

Associate Professor of Medicine

Associate Professor in Pediatrics

University of North Carolina

Julie Dumond PharmD, MS,

Assistant professor,Division of Pharmacotherapy and Experimental Therapeutics

Wake Forrest School of Medicine

Walter T. Ambrosius, PhD

Director, Design and Analysis Unit

Professor, Biostatistical Sciences

Sticht Center on Aging

Center for Comparative Medicine Research


Case Western Reserve University 

Chris Longenecker, MD

Assistant Professor, Depatment of Medicine, School of Medicine & Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology, School of Medicine

Cleveland Clinic

Stacey Jolly, MD

Department: Internal Medicine

University of Cincinnati

Mike Bennett, PhD

Director, Biomarker Laboratory

Assistant Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics


Oregon State University

Michelle Odden, PhD

Assistant Professor, Epidemiology


University of Pennsylvania

Rajat Deo, MD

Assistant Professor Of Medicine


University of Pittsburgh

Linda Fried, MD, MPH

Professor of Medicine

Associate Professor of Epidemiology

Chief, Peritoneal Dialysis, VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System

Staff Physician, VA Pittsburgh healthcare System


University of Utah

Alfred Cheung MD

Chief, Division of Nephrology; Vice Chair for Research, Department of Internal Medicine

Kalani Raphael MD,MS

Associate Professor, Dept Of Internal Medicine


University of Washington

Nisha Bansal, MD

Assistant Professor, Division of Nephrology

Ronit Katz, DPhil


Bryan Kestenbaum, MD

Adjunct professor of Epidemiology


Medical College of Wisconsin

Mike Mitchell, MD

Professor, the Medical College of Wisconsin

Our International Collaborators



McMaster University, London Ontario

Amit Garg, MD, MA, PhD, FRCPC,FACP

Department of Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Professor, Department of Medicine and Epidemiology, University of Western Ontario & Division of Nephrology, London Health Sciences Center

Director, London Kidney Clinical Research Unit

Director, ICES@Western

Lead, Principal ICES Kidney, Dialysis and Transplant Program


Uppsala University Hospital

Anders Larsson, MD, PhD

Senior Consultant, Professor

Lars-Olof Hansson, MD, PhD

Department of Medical Sciences