Joshua Lang, MD (Resident)

Joshua Lang graduated from UCSF Medical School in 2015 and is now an Internal Medicine Resident at Brigham and Women's Hospital.  He became interested in the field of nephrology and kidney disease research when he learned about recent advances in biological markers of kidney injury, such as the ones studied by Dr. Shlipak and Peralta. The hope to catch kidney injury early on, before lasting damage is done, is what inspired Joshua to join the team in 2012. Since coming on board, he has been very productive under the mentorship of the KHRC team. He has focused on understanding the potential role of serum albumin as a marker for adverse events in persons suffering from HIV infection.

Outside of school, Joshua also writes about social and scientific issues related to medicine for publications including the Atlantic Magazine and New York Times Sunday Magazine. He enjoys biking around San Francisco and has recently taken up a new hobby in kite surfing.