Meso QuickPlex SQ 120 – This is a multiplexing instrument from MSD with the capability to measure up to 10 analytes simultaneously.  Each plate can yield up to 400 data points.  This platform is unique in its utilization of electro-chemiluminescence technology to provide high sensitivity and large dynamic range with validated and customizable assays available. 


Siemens BNII – The BNII is an automated chemistry analyzer for the measurement of specific proteins in human biofluids.  This instrument uses immuno-nephelometric technology to provide accurate determinations of analyte concentrations for over 60 assays.


Thermo Multiskan MCC – This Multiskan MCC is a 96-well plate spectrophotometer which measures absorbance in a variety of research and clinical applications.  This instrument is equipped with 8 filters to span the near UV through visible range and is ideal for qualitative and quantitative ELISA measurements.  The Multiskan software can provide results for both kinetic and endpoint assays.